Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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The Twilight Legacies Synopsis

The Twilight Legacies: The Sixth Eye by M. J. Stoddard


Blain Ross; retired naval pilot and officer of the UTC(United Terran Confederation) reunites with his former commanding officer on the desolate planet of Keilen II. Under the orders of Confed, his commanding officer reactivates Blain to his former status of commander, due to the rising threat to the Colonies of a formidable and cunning race known as the Nurii. Blain accepts, after some persuasion by the admiral, but as events unfold, the commander becomes aware of the abilities within. Blain’s premonitions intensify over the course of time and confronts his C.O., but Admiral Godfrey discards his notions as mere fancy.

The commander; discredited by his own C.O. because of his overwhelming guilt over the terrible loss of his wife and daughter some years ago; seeks evidence to validate the visions he had seen in his nightmares and instead becomes subject to the admiral’s supernatural influences. During a Search and Destroy mission, he stumbles upon the truth behind the agenda of UTC and his C.O.. Risking his life, he defends the very ships he’s supposed to destroy and is therefore, branded as a traitor by the UTC.

After spending several months in a maximum security prison on the edge of Confed Space, he is unofficially pardoned by the warden and treks across the wilderness to seek his destiny, where he finds passage to the neighboring systems of the IMC(Independent Mining Corporation). As Blain’s search for absolute truth continues, he finds his life at risk as several top-secret agencies attempt to hi-jack the intelligence that he has been entrusted with since before his exile to prison and the knowledge passed on to him by an agent of an organization that both media and the Colonies perceive as a threat to their way of life.

Blain’s endeavor to complete the perilous mission that has been bestowed upon him, results in a fatal race to find the Sixth Eye; an ancient artifact of great importance and filled with dark, legendary powers that could bring the Colonies into a full-scale galactic war beyond imagination. Humanity and all the other races in the galaxy would face a terrible fate of Armageddon and perish in an onslaught of horror by a powerful serpent. With the assistance of Gideon Cohen and the divine direction of God, will he be able to prevent his former C.O. from opening Pandora’s box? Or will his terrifying nightmares of pure evil be fulfilled…the likes of which no human has never seen?