Saturday, September 13, 2014

Darkness and Light

How do you determine the direction of the protagonist(MC)?

As a writer, the life of the protagonist is often mirrored from our own life experiences or to those experience of someone who is close to us. Nurturing the MC is fundamental--the polar opposite is reflected in the arch-nemesis of the story who seeks to torment and manipulate the protagonist to his/her demise, but it is also true in-and-of-itself that the protagonist's 'darker' alter ego can also be the villain. This is the fundamentals of writing fiction, i.e.

Man vs Himself(Alter Ego) 
Man vs Circumstances
Man vs Arch-Enemy

Like physics and quantum mechanics, these laws determine the overall storyboard and moreover the fate of the MC and sometimes in a series of books and the MC can adapt--or rather become wiser and more experienced(truth and consequences). Along the same lines, the MC would be faced to make choices that will forever echo into the future. The Marvel movies, such as "Iron Man", it was the irresponsible actions of the war-profiteering Tony Stark that was nearly killed with his own genius and it wasn't for his near-death experience and the hands of his fellow captive that saved his life and gave him a second chance. He then used his knowledge to protect. Hence, the guardian philosophy. And the same is reflected with Spider Man 3, the riddling question of making the right choice(Cause and Effect).

                                             "Heroes are not born, they are made."

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