Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Author Update!!

The past couple months have been full of stress between working, raising a family and writing; which hasn't been going so well. I'm working on three writing projects in preparation to submit to an agent and hopefully, this avenue will provide me a broad range of big literary publishers without having to be self-published. It has been my dream to be a full-time author, writing to my heart's content as I explore the universe of my mind and rendering more elaborate illustrations and book cover designs. For several months, I have been conducting research for one of my stories which has reached critical mass and I can now continue working on this very interesting and controversial story that may end up as a novel, much like "The Twilight Legacies: The Sixth Eye".

I also started a Google + page, I urge you to check it out!!
The Twilight Legacies Universe +